Dec 6, 2010

Sanyo to make more efficient solar cells

Sanyo Electric Co.  said Friday that it will start mass producing a new solar cell that has the world's highest energy conversion efficiency.  The Japanese electronics maker said it will start selling in Europe in February a new cell with a sunlight-to-energy conversion rate of 21.6%.  Previously, the company's most efficient cell had a conversion rate of 21.1%.

some say however:
Only the uninformed buy Sanyo modules. Higher efficiency only means a smaller module. Why would anyone pay such a high premium this Sanyo panel only to have a smaller footprnt. A 240 watt solar panel is still only a 240 watt solar panel you don't get anything more than 240 watts from this Sanyo 240 watt solar panel. The bigger issue here that consumers seem to be ignoring is the fact that Sanyo offers one of the shortest warranties in the industry. If Sanyo offers such a great product then why do they offer such a comparatively poor warranty ? The answer: They use faster debrading thinfilm (amorphous silicon) in their design. Like a shooting star, their product is nice and bright in the begining and then burns out quicker then the others.


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