Feb 7, 2011

Browser Comparison

Browser Comparison

Which browser works the fastest? Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome?
Since these two questions are quite popular nowadays, we decide to put on a timer test on the three internet browser.
First, the computer use in the test is window vista with 4 GB Memory (RAM) and 64-bit Operating System.
Second, the different browser and their version were used in this comparison.

Firefox 3.6 Google Chrome 8 Internet Explorer 8
After found a page through the net to load the test began.
As a result, there is hardly any different in counts of second or minute.
In conclusion, the like of one or other browsers is based on personal standard. I personally like Firefox for it outlook and its name.

Tell us what is your favorite web browser and why? Comments will be appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

I also like Firefox, but it is best to use Explorer when working with some sites like MDC.EDU

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