Dec 7, 2010

Net Neutrality Or FCC Overthrow

Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released its latest plan on regulating the Internet to assure Net Neutrality. The plan, among other things, would allow Internet providers to  charge users and content providers for their usage.
I have no doubts, however, that given the FCC's plan yesterday that proposals to meter customer as well as content provider Internet usage, such as that tried by Time Warner Cable last year, will emerge from most of the major US Internet providers in a matter of weeks. Time Warner got stopped when it hit a political backlash - I don't see that happening in the new Congress.

If what the FCC wants to do goes to pass, the days of getting all the content you want over the Internet at a fixed price are soon to be only a forgotten memory.  in the words of anonomuses internet users "The Internet is dead!! Long live the Internet!!"

source: IEEE Spectrum

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