Dec 9, 2010

FES Holiday Dinner Review

This is a brief review of the FES dinner that was held last Friday evening.

I was able to get tickets to the event and that included seven students – all of them attended. I made sure the students made contacts with the other attendees. Overall to say they were glad they attended would be an understatement. We met several engineering company owners and project managers. Although they were all civil engineers, the overlapping of the engineering branches was reinforced. Our EE, IE, Chem E, Biomed students all benefited by making new contacts, having industry needs explained, and considerations for the future. Imagine our biomed students thrilled to speak with civil engineers!

Miller Legg: I met the project manager for Miller Legg. He is the one who will be coordinating the new building at the Kendall campus. This starts in January. I asked if we can get our students involved, at least seeing the project. He was in complete agreement and is eager to meet our students. We talked about having a meeting to show the design layout and then take a site visit. And then follow this up with visits to see the progress of the project. He also has a presentation for Technical Writing and he really wants to show this to us. This would be great to also invite the other MDC student clubs and societies.

Marlin Engineering: The owner and public relations manager would like to speak at an FES meeting. They want to do this in January. We were also invited to the Feb 5 Cuban American Gala, they already want to get a table for us. I think it’s a great idea and told her I would give her numbers later because we have more students. For me and MDC this is the first contact with Marlin and we made a very good impression.

C3TS: Next year’s FES Dade President is Tom Ruiz, our former student and MDC FES president. He wants to help us fund the solar project.

Rod Rodriguez offered to speak to our group about current civil engineering, incorporating other engineering into today’s projects, and how things have changed. Dave Clarke is the FES treasurer. We briefly discussed getting our student chapter funds for upcoming project ideas.

I know I’m leaving out what the students gained individually, but I know they benefitted. It was a well attended event and our students made good impressions that should benefit all of us. I’ll get some of the photos out later.

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RID said...

It sounds like you had a really productive evening!

Off topic, but UFMDC is offering some scholarships. Contact a faculty member if you are interested.

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