Nov 20, 2010

Solar Engine

Last Thursday the BOTcommittee practiced its circuit building skills by creating a solar engine.  the event was a success in getting more students evolved in circuit building. the below circuit:
uses a solar panel to charge a capacitor bank; the Transistors then activate once a certain voltage level is achieved; that powered the motor.  The flashing LED controls the amount of voltage that is let though to the transistors.

This may seem complicated to some of you well that is okay and is nothing to be ashamed of.  All that the BOTcommittee would like to do is to demonstrate that we do not need our bachelors in order to tinker.  Theory is not required to tinker.  In fact the more tinkering you do now the easier it will be to learn the theory in class.  the above image is the Solar Engine circuit built in a brad board for prototyping.

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